Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are Agri Export Zones (AEZs) Better Than Special Economic Zones (SEZs)?

Ishita Dey

In an article by Ashok B Sharma in Financial Express (link provided) , he argues that Agri Export zones have the potential to boost exports which has been the sole objective of the SEZs and EPZs in India. While on hand, this kind of growth-oriented development activity has become the point of criticism, are AEZs the viable option? Ashok Sharma points out that in a recent study conducted by Agriculture and Processed Foods Export Development Authority (APEDA) states that AEZs are approaching the cumulative export target. While there might be alternative ways where more opportunities can be created by using the already existing infrastructure without disrupting the ecology in the already existing agrarian land one need to understand how the land and the existing infrastructure is being used. We invite your insights on AEZs

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