Monday, April 27, 2009

Tenth Session of the Human Rights Council

Shiva Dhungana
[Works at Search For Common Ground, Kathmandu]

Mr. Kalin called upon both parties to conflict in Sri Lanka to do their utmost to prevent civilian casualties and to allow for the safe evacuation of those trapped in the conflict zone. He expressed serious concern about the news regarding the use of human shields by the rebels in Sri Lanka and reminded States and armed groups to respect their obligations under human rights law and international humanitarian law, including the obligation not to arbitrarily prevent international humanitarian assistance from being delivered to those in need.
Mr. Kalin also expressed concern about impact of climate change which is expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters and lead to more displacement. He called governments to make a greater effort to prepare for natural disasters and in particular to protect disaster-affected populations, including the displaced.

For the detailed report of the tenth session of the Human Rights Council click here

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