Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life After Famine: Future of Somalia’s Refugees

Clar Ni Chonghaile in the article “After the famine: Somalia's refugees ponder their future” in The Guardian shows the struggle that faces at least 185,000 homeless people living in a city (Mogadhisu) of nearly 2 million people. Four million people still need aid, and most of these are in the south. Across the country more than 1.4 million people have been displaced with more than 900,000 fleeing to neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia. Last year, Mogadishu was at the centre of a media and aid storm after famine was declared. Though the African troups known as Amisom and Somali Government soldiers claim to take control over the city the security angle of the city makes the task infront of the humanitarian agencies challenging. Al- Shabaab continues to plant IEDs, hand grenade attacks and the displaced continue to live under constant threat of security as well as famine. This report documents the ongoing IDP crisis in Somalia as conflict and famine continues to leave milions of people homeless and the hope of returning back for those belonging to the South seems to be distant as Al-Shabaab continues to dominate in the Southern parts. As an aid worker recalls in the reort, Mogadhisu was one of the beautiful cities in 1980s and now it is a city of IDPs as he watches people carrying sacks of grains from the feeding centre. Hours later, an IED explodes on the route that people take to come to the feeding centre. The main target is a police checkpoint.

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