Friday, February 28, 2014

Australia to Shut Down for Mainland Immigration Centres

Compiled by Ishita Dey

Australia has been under the scanner for its immigration policies and in its latest attempt to securitise borders the Government has announced to shut down the mainland immigration centres. These detention centres are run by British outsourcing firm Serco Group Plc and this closure will save A$88.8 million. According to the article “Australia hardens refugee policy, to close mainland centres”( see link below), this move comes at a time when Australian Navy has been reportedly been returning asylum seeker vessels to Indonesia. Indonesia has been a transit route for boat people trying to migrate to Australia. Despite the recent shift of asylum seeking processing facilities to Nauru and Papua New Guinea, the closure of the immigration centres clearly shows the ways in which much criticised off-shore immigration arrangements are newer ways of controlling “boat people”.

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