Friday, February 28, 2014

IDPs from Swat Province in Uncertainty as Peace Talks Fail between

Compiled by Ishita Dey

On 15 February 2014, a news report in TOI carried a report of how families were looking forward to the peace talks between Government of Pakistan and the Taliban. This instilled a hope in Bibi and many others like her, who were forced to live in temporary shelters, IDP camps because of the conflict torn tribal areas in Pakistan. According to this report, ZarmataBibi lost her son, grand-daughter to conflict and was forced to flee in 2012 from her home. Another resident from Khyber district (one of the worst hit areas due to an army operation against Khyber and where there have been clashes last year as well) wished that this dialogue will lead to some solution. He has been living in a camp since 2009. The conflict in SWAT province left people homeless and the Government’s attempts to take control in the semi-autonomous tribal zone has been met with multi-layered challenges of home grown insurgency, and revenge killings. As the talks were on, 23 paramilitary soldiers were reportedly executed as a revenge for army operations in the volatile tribal regions (See Reuters). This has led to a deadlock and the peace talks have collapsed leaving the displaced in camps, or temporary shelters in perpetual uncertainty.
For details visit:
“Pakistan’s displaced families put faith in peace talks” The Times of India, 15 February 2014.; Accessed on 16 February 2014

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